Head: Mirage V2
Body: Comic Pack Steeler

Mirage as a Mega Marine didn't really work for me, however I did pick him up because he was a new character. I don't mind the character at all, and wanted to integrate him into the regular team.

I have a lot of Mirage heads kicking around because of the project that eventually turned into the Black Ice figure. I also have a lot of comic pack Steelers hanging around, because of the generosity of people Like Pete the Greek that were army building the Cobra Officer that came in the comic pack.

Not only does the head fit well, the green headband matches the green of the outfit. The hair color is close to the straps color, making him a more workable Mirage for my main team.

I posted this head swap custom because I know that some people are hesitant to get into customizing. This is how it starts, and anyone with a screwdriver, and a couple of figures that they don't mind using for parts can do it.

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