All Parts are JvC

Head: Blowtorch
Torso: Shipwreck
Arms: Ripper
Waistpiece: Black Out
Legs: Black Out

This is a personal favorite of mine,since Zandar is often one of the least recognized of the Dreadnoks and overshadowed by his siblings Zartan and Zarana.I decided to do a custom of Zandar when I saw the artwork of him in the new Devil's Due Battlefiles comic,which is basically a GI Joe profile comic.It showed Zandar sporting a blue shirt with the Cobra logo and some gray pants.I got rid of the gray for black,but I kept the blue shirt with the Cobra symbol,which I think looks real cool and I can understand that Zandar might lean more to Cobra since he was often overlooked as described of his character.He would be more 'in tune' with the teachings of Cobra Commander than the rest of the 'Noks.Plus,he had one of the coolest voices in the cartoon.

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