Head: Darth Maul
Neck: Duke
Torso: Grunt
Arms, waist: Gung-Ho
Lower Arms, Upper Legs: I don't remember
Lower Legs: Cross Hair
Gloves: BBI
Knives: really small knives that came with the VvsV Snake Eyes (I think-came with another figure to but I don't remember which).

Like so many of the characters back in G.I. Joe's golden age of the 80's, Zandar was a unique and interesting figure. The fact that not much was done with him and that he seemed like the strong silent type just increased his interest for me.

When I saw his picture in the Devil's Due Roll call I decided I really wanted to make this figure. I waited until I could get the right head since I really wanted the "crazed" look he had in that shot. I realized that a Darth Maul I had repainted had a similar bugged eye look I wanted so I went with head and heavily modified it.

This figure required a lot of modifications but I really enjoyed making it and finally finishing it.

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