Head: Ninja Force Zartan
Torso: Marvel Universe Thor modified
Waist: Don't remember
Arms & Thighs: Maj Barrage
Lower Legs: Serpentor
Missile Launcher: Battle Corps Wild Bill modified with barb wire from PoC Cobra Trooper
Baseball Bat: random missile modified
Vest: Spytroops
Tats from CobraStickers.com

Just throwing parts together and decided to try to use that Ninja Force Zartan head. I also wanted to see if I could fuse a vintage style waist to a modern era torso, something I later tried again with my Reaper custom. I wanted to give him a heavy weapon and decided to do something with the Wild Bill launcher since it looked most like something that could pass as something that was cobbled together from various different missile launchers and pieces. It doesn't fire any more which is fine with me. The baseball bat was made by cutting down and reshaping some random missile I had and sticking bits of a paper clip in it.

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