Heads-Cobra Commander VvV and Dollar Store Rescue Dr.
Torso and Crotch-VvV Scarlet
Legs and Arms-VvV Baroness
Cape- Moded POTF Darth Vader
Staff- Spy Troops Cobra Commander
Gun- Spy Troops Lady Jaye

This is another figure from the Dio Story Iím working on, so I donít really want to give too much away. Cobra Commandress is the daughter of Cobra Commander, she spent most of her life in foster homes and was abused by most of her foster fathers. For this reason she trust no men and will only let other women get close to her. If your man and you try to get close, try talk to her or just glance the wrong way at her your dead. There is more to her history but you will just have to wait for the story!!

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