25th Crimson Guard torso, VvV thighs of a red figure I'm not familiar with. Then of course the primary goods are from Interrogator.

I put Interrogator in my Cobra high command. I like this guy a lot, and I think this is the definitive version as best as I can make it. It's got everything I wanted.

I can't imagine anyone who saw the first person who did this not wanting to copy the idea for their own collection. Hasbro did most of the work. Mine is just a little different from the first one I saw - I Dremeled down the legs of the base interrogator and used them with the thighs and feet from the CG. The belt has a drop-down holster & is from a BBI figure. The idea behind parts selection was that certain uniform pieces are generic Cobra gear - The boots, tunic, gloves etc. are made from the same pattern as the CG uniform - while the trousers , helmet, colors and accoutrement distinguish Interrogator.

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