Head Star Wars Royal Guard
Body Unknown custom fodder

Necro's background is shrouded in mystery. His real name is unknown, as are any general characteristics to build a profile. Underneath that mask is a face that seemingly doesn't have a past.

Necro joined with the Coil shortly after Serpentor's death, although it is reasonable that he could have been an original member of the Coil who simply chose to don the mask to conceal his old identity.

He is a speciliast in many forms of martial arts, and a quick draw with any fire power. He answers to Coral, and is assigned as the personal bodyguard to the current ranking head of the Coil Command.

His loyalties have been tested, and reports of his having been stabbed and/or shot in the line of duty are numerous.

From the files of General Hawk : Necro derives his name from a Necromancer, beyond the intimidation of the mask, any mention of the dead is sure to instill fear in the hearts.

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