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head - Kabuto (CORPS)
torso - Quick Kick
arms - Night Creeper Leader
waist - Roadblock v1
legs - Gung Ho v3

Cobra needed a motivational speaker. Also a guy who screams to train the troops to be better at everything. And is an MMA scrapper. That's Kangor for me. He just has a different definition of "morale" than most.

Kangor was a "new character" for the Brazilian Joe line. But it was also a weak repaint of a very distinctive Cobra boxing champion named Big Boa. For my custom I ditched the Vader-ish helmet boxing gimmick [again] in favor of mixed martial arts and a Luchador (Mexican wrestler) mask.

Forca Fera was awesome but they're elusive and expensive so I made my own. But for each of mine I wanted to avoid using any of the same parts as the originals, especially Kangor.

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