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head - Buckshot (CORPS)
torso - Salvo ??
arms - Anti Venom Mutt
waist - Steeler
upper legs - Viper
lower legs - Ripper
knife/straps - custom made

Leontor was a new character introduced by the GIJoe line for Brazil. Unlike the rest of the lineup though he was a straight up repaint of US character Backblast. I wanted my version to be very different.

Forca Fera was awesome but they're rare and expensive to say the least. And in getting together the parts for this custom I set out to maintain the essence of the original figures while using totally different parts. In the case of Leontor I maintained the helmet and his mustache but I went far away from Backblast for everything else. The t-shirt logo is the actual symbol for the Brazilian national Army, it's handpainted which was difficult to say the least.

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