Head/Torso: Beachead v5
Arms: Dusty v7
Waist/Legs: Recondo v3
Helmet: Overkill v3
Rifle: Shipwreck v4
Citadel Paint: Regal Blue, Mithril Silver, Chaos Black, custom gray

The Cobra Officer needed a uniform upgrade after 20 years. While I liked the new Devil's Due version, I wanted a uniform that was more in keeping with the pattern stylings of the original, including boots and webbing.

Field Grade Officer = Major & above

Where Viper Officers are the more junior leaders within the organisation, Cobra Officers lead the troops of the Cobra Legions at the Company level and above on the battlefield. These soldiers are fearless, cunning and highly respected within the ranks, since they have put their time in and have managed to earn their leadership status. The privileges of rank are many, motivating the more ambitious to strive for advancement.

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