Cat litter bucket, plywood, contact paper, pvc pipe

Well, after a looooong hiatus, I finally completed my 3rd base- The Cobra Research facility. Nestled deep in the jungles of Sierra Gordo, cobra has erected a laboratory in which to research robotics, armaments, and anything else that will aid them in their quest for global conquest and the destruction of GI Joe.

As usual, I made it out of junk I had lying around, and as it is a gift for my son's birthday next week, it is very sturdy.

The front piece is a cat litter bucket that I cut in half, the rest is plywood and laminated textures from about the web, but mostly Joe Dios (my heroes!) and Vexar (thanks Freedom!). I have little nods to other television and movie franchises that you might be able to spot. The plexiglass was free from the scrap heap at the hardware store. The missile launcher is made of pvc pipe, milk jug lid, bottle cap and popsicle sticks. Lots of Gorilla glue was used, but no actual Gorillas or Guerrillas were harmed.

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