Masonite base
Kitty litter, Elmer's glue, and acrylic paint for sand
Bivouac, Mortar Defense Unit, misc ARAH Battle Stations
Chap Mei Crate
PTE crate
PTE crates and barrels
Desert Humvee
Battlefield 2 screenshot/posterboard backdrop

Karkand Outpost marks my first real attempt at terrain and diorama building. I wanted to shoot new pictures of my Sally Squad figures and decided this was a great chance to finally take the plunge into learning about building backdrops.

Hasbro's "Insight: Photography and Displays by Gianni Lopergolo" has been hugely inspirational to me, and I tried to emulate his technique by printing a background rather than digitally adding it.

Sally Squad is the name my friends and I used whenever playing Battlefield 2. What started as an in-joke among friends ended up with me making a custom of each member's preferred class.

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