ARAH Cobra Battle Bunker
Actual Dirt, 5 min plaster, Card Board, Acrylic paint, Corn Husk broom, Stan Winston's Realm of the Claw Stands, actual rocks, hair spray, dollar store foliage and actual rocks

This is a corner of the ground level of a larger scale dio/display/playset for a Cobra island I am currently building. This is only a small section of what I have completed so far of a 5 tier approx 6 ft tall, 6 1/2' long x 3 1/2' wide Cobra Island. I hope to upload pictures of the completed sections as they are finished and then a montage of the rooms/levels and the completed dio. I started the project about 6 or 8 mo ago working just a few hours a week, using scraps I had laying around and stuff my neighbors have contributed.

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