Main Body: ARAH Transportable Tactical Battle Platform
Other Parts: HISS Tank cab/cockpit
Pack Rat Missiles
CORPS flag
CORPS radar
Lego parts
Random Decals

Modifications: Created and added custom decals to Control Room
Cut missile launcher so it holds Pack Rat or Stinger missiles
Cut cannon to fit HISS cockpit and repositioned barrel
Added brace to crane
Replaced antenna with custom flag and search light with radar dish

I felt that since Cobra has so many under water bases that it would only make sense that they would have a battle platform for defense and early warning. It would also act as a refueling and ammo depot. The cannon can be manned or operated remotely from the control center. All operations on the platform are monitored and controlled from the control center as indicated by the displays. This battle platform can be completely operated by only one person by usually has a command staff of three.

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