Spark Distribution building is an old 90's playset for girls toys. It was a high school and pink! The other building is a Wayne Manor from Batman Returns. I also used popsicle sticks, poster-board, parts from Lil Bratz (phone, trash can, basketball goal), Hulk (Scrap Iron), old doll house furniture, and flames from Chap Mei. The Mercedes is a 1/18 die cast.

The Spark Distribution center is where the Headhunters deal their highly addictive drug Spark! This setting is where the D.E.F. will try and infiltrate the gang and put an end to the Headman's operation! The Playset is part of a re-imagining of the Headhunters sub-story. It can also be used as a Broca Beach playset. I loosely based the set on 1990's cartoon and movie depictions of the inner city and back alley settings. It has a gritty yet staged feel to it!

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