1982 GI Joe Headquarters Front Piece
Pink Foam Insulation
Sheet Styrene
Spray Paint
Thumb Tacks (ground flat on one side & super-glued on)

This was another of my attempts to utilize a mostly-single purpose part of GI Joe as something else. In this case, the front piece of a 1982 Headquarters. By flipping it upside down, adding flat display areas, and applying paint and a sticker, I was able to turn it into a dio/display shelf. One thing that's not shown in the construction photos is the use of thumb tacks as the means for attaching it to the wall. I ground down some normal plastic bulletin board tacks on one side, and then super glued a half-dozen or so to various flat parts on the backside of the shelf, allowing me to just push the shelf into the wall for hanging.

One note about this shelf: I'm not too happy with how the foam insulation looks as an upper part of the diorama - for my next one, I will be using a 1/2" board instead of foam, for a more industrial/finished appearance.

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