1x6" Pine
Glass Shelving
GI Joe #1 Treasury Edition, Autographed by Larry Hama

The idea for this display came about because I wanted someplace 'special' to display my original GI Joe & Cobra figures. At some point, I came across the idea of using a comic book cover as the background of a shadowbox, and thought that it might be really cool to use GI Joe #1 as the cover. I then remembered that I had bought this treasury edition (oversized) when it first came out, back in 1985 or '86, and decided that would be even better, and allow for all my original figures to be displayed. I took the comic to the 2007 GIJCC Convention and had it autographed by Larry Hama. The back of the display is removable, allowing for the comic to be taken out & read, although there's really no need for that, as I have the same comic in about four other books.

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