Walls - Pink Foam, Printed Backdrops
Floor - Printed, covered with 1/8th Plexi
Parts from:
1. Vintage Death Star Playset
2. Vintage Star Wars Carrying Case insert
3. Defiant
4. CORPS! Elevator
5. TTBP Steps
6. Kibble from GIJoe General
7. Misc. Dio Fodder

I originally planned on making this Dio/Display during one of the Custom Celebrations' Two-Week Shoebox Challenge. It turned into more of a Two+ Year, Two + Shelf Challenge. It's the top level of a two-story dio display, with this level being heavily themed as HYDRA Labs. I've incorporated Marvel Universe, Captain America Movie, ARAH and Modern Era custom figures. While trying to determine which figures would go with which shelf, I decided to put WWII-era Heroes with it, including all my MU Invaders -- hence the name of the display.

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