Walls: Pink Foam + Print outs, rubber cement
Floor: Print outs + 1/8th Acrylic sheet
Parts from:
1. Vintage Death Star Playset
2. Defiant
3. Control panel from Snow Cat Missile Rack, Defiant & other Tech Detail
4. Platform made from Killer Whale & Watchtower Ladders
5. Misc. Dio Accessories

This is the second of my "Shoebox" Diorama displays (the first is my HYDRA Dio, "Invaders Assemble") This also started out as part of a JC Custom Celebration Two-Week Shoebox Challenge, which grew into a 2+ year, 2+ shelf project. The theme of this level focused on a SHIELD assault on an AIM Cyborg/Robot Lab, and features Marvel Legends MODOK. I've also included Marvel Universe, Avengers Movie, Terminator, Star Wars, and ARAH and Modern Era Joe Customs.

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