Basic Structure- Foamcore, printed stickers, duct tape, glue, and spray paint
Warning Light- Red LED with Element Container from MASS Device
Door Control- Green and orange LEDs with RAH Figure Stand

The MARS Corridor started off as a display stand for a custom 12" figure I was doing for the 2013 Joecon in Indianapolis. After completing the basic structure I wanted to give it something that would make it stand out and grab some attention, so I decided to add some LED lights to it. Looking around my junk box I found two ordinary GI Joe items that could be repurposed as part of the diorama. The door control panel was originally an RAH figure stand, before I cut the peg off and drilled two holes in it. Once I had the holes the right size I spray painted and weathered it to give it that "Used" look. The warning light above the door was a MASS Device Element container that was hot glued to the foamcore and lined up with a hole drilled in it. The finishing touches were MARS and caution stickers that I printed onto mailing labels, and a few blasts of black sprat paint to give everything a grimy lived in look.

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