Xena: Warrior Princess base (heavily modded)
A mixing of 2 different casts of the meteroite stand accessory from the "Masters Of The Universe Classics" Strobo figure made by Karak Nul.

I used UV reactive paint on the meteorite to achieve the glowing effect (glows in the dark as well as in UV light).

Adventure Team Mission Debriefing

Casefile: "The Altar Of Bah-Nurr!"

Joh Kolton Reporting

In the marvelous reaches of the extreme Outer Rim, lies the almost forgotten world of Bah-Nurr. Ancient legend tells of a mysterious rock that fell from the sky to the surface of Bah-Nurr that gifted all of the inhabitants of the planet with large, hulking bodies of incredible strength but cursed them at the same time with unfathomable rage. It is said that this rage caused the once noble people of Bah-Nurr to devolve into little more than beasts.

A few months back, while returning from our amazing journey to the fabled planet of Eternos [see casefile: "The Mystery Of The Stone Skull!"], we found ourselves passing through the region and I mentally noted that we should mount an expedition to Bah-Nurr when we found some spare time in our adventuring. Now I have returned with Starkk and a dozen of his amazing droids to explore Bah-Nurr.

Orbital scans of the planet recorded extremely high levels of gamma radiation, far above the safe levels for organics. Despite these high gamma readings, the life signs were off the charts! What kind of evolution must the entire bioshere of Bah-Nurr have undergone to not only cope with but to thrive in extremely high levels of gamma radiation?

I decided that it was far too dangerous for either Starkk or myself to go down to the surface. Starkk claimed that his armor would protect him from the radiation but I did not want to risk the life of one of my oldest friends. I decided instead to send Starkk's droids down in one of the Jain's shuttlepods. The dozen powerful droids decended to the surface and we promptly lost contact with them due to the gamma radiation interfering with the comms.

A few hours later, the shuttle returned, heavily damaged and with only a quarter of Starkk's droids onboard, all of them heavily damaged and radiating Gamma waves. After donning a HAZsuit, and Starkk sealing his armor, we boarded the shuttle and were able to remove the droids' memory drives for further examination after they were decontaminated. The Jain's shuttle and the remaining droids were released back into space and destroyed with the Jain's main cannon and the shuttlepod docking port decontaminated.

After reviewing the droids' memory files we were amazed to see the images and sensor scans. At the center of the highest concentration of gamma energy, they found a stone altar with a sickly green meterorite sitting atop it. Sensor scans of the meteorite showed it to be completely soaked with gamma radiation. As the droids reached the altar, they were attacked by enormous, hulking green-skinned humanoids that proceeded to tear the droids limb from limb, one hulk crushed a droid's head with one massive hand as if it was made of flimsiplast!

After reviewing the data, we proceeded to release several sensor bouys broadcasting warnings to any passing ships not to make landfall on Bah-Nurr...

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