"Thor: The Mighty Avenger" hammer (modified for strap to hang at natural angle relative to gravity)

"Warhammer 40,000" tabletop wargaming terrain accessory (modified to remove flashing and reinforced as styrene was VERY flimsy).

While exploring the mountains in Norway, Joe Colton and his Adventure Team witness a tremendous freak thunderstorm and something fall to earth from the eye of the storm. Apon arrival at the landing site, the Adventure Team discovers a magnificent warhammer standing at an angle in a fresh crater. According to Mike Power's instruments, the warhammer was giving off an incredibly powerful ionized field. This field began to intensify, attracting more lightning strikes forcing the Adventure Team to find cover. In between the flashes of lightning, an Adventure Team camcorder caught a glimpse of a rainbow-hued beam hitting the center of the crater. Also recorded were images of a large, blond warrior in futuristic viking attire picking up the hammer before a second rainbow-hued beam appeared. When the lightning ceased, both the figure and warhammer were gone...

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