MDF Frame, sprayed gray and buffed with steel wool
Small DVD/Monitor Combo
"Granny Grating" or Plastic Canvas
Rolling Thunder - Missiles and support structure
Defiant - Backdrop and side elements
Satin ribbons with iron-on design - Banners
Lego elements and halbreds - Banner rod

Wow. I've been planning this thing for... probably a decade? And it wasn't until we had a "found object" assignment in my first level sculpture class that I decided it was time to finally tackle it. It was an ambitious timeline, as we had about one and a half weeks for the assignment. A lot of features got dropped along the way, and the day before it was due was a mad rush of stress, but I ended up with a presentable display piece and solid first step in the world of serious diorama building.

When I started up, all I had done was collected my main, larger components and done a base spray coat in blue. A lot of the work went into the detailing and bits of weathering... I think each little "section" on the side wings took at least 2 hours each. Surprisingly, the MDF frame only took a few hours... but that's more a testament to my father-in-law's woodworking skills and amazing shop than anything else.

The mounted monitor (which will be flush with the back wall in v 2.0) plays a 3 minute clip I made, which I'll upload soon. I want to flesh out the video feature extensively, but am pretty happy with how well it works.

Plenty of details to add, spots to clean up, weathering effects to paint, and other ideas I want to incorporate. I'd like to add some walkways so COBRA troops can be inspecting or working on the sections of the large rockets that open, as well as give the missiles a fresh coat of paint and some water slide decals.

For now however, it's a solid first step into a display I've wanted to make for a long, long time!

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