Foam board facade on the building (will eventually be a 3D presentation).

Foam insulation pavement

TMNT Trash Bin

As I've tried hard to incorporate dioramas and playsets into my customizing, as well as to continuously improve my skills towards them, I inevitably ended up working with foam insulation pieces.

They are so easy to cut and manipulate, and can be used to make many different real life textures as a result.

The base of this set is foam insulation project board, and is all but made for modular use for customizers like us. I have other sections planned that will eventually connect for an entire city block.

While I am calling it Gotham, that's not to mean I'll use it for Batman only. My EXCAL verse allows all contemporary heroes and villains to play there. Gotham is simply another name for New York in that setting.

I credit artist Stephen Hayford with inspiring this set as well as others.

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