Construction is mostly in foam board. Lots of details from all over. Furnishings accumulated over the years, with most being reclaimed from an old store display my wife owned.

Chateau Faucon Chevalier - a.k.a., Castle Knighthawk...

I needed a place to show off my Victorian heroes and monster hunters (and monsters) with lighting befitting the era. I knew I wanted Knight to have a castle, so I built the set to comply. The fun thing is that the wall and floor are modular, and I've already been using these for other scenes as well.

The trickiest part was the stairwell and partial second floor. I admit that this was made for diorama and photo purposes. My kids will attest to the fact it plays just fine, but it's not a production style playset in the truest form.

One fun thing I've been doing of late is converting these pics via a filter to black and white animation style. Thinking of maybe compiling them as such, with the vibe that creates perhaps allowing for even more creative story telling than the set and customs alone can do.

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