imaginex fire station bits

duck dynasty cooler
wine bottles from wish
pot is made from a lotion top and bent paper clips
dishes are plugs/stoppers from glue bottles

the food is food.
a bean w/sour cream for the tater
some cheesy broccoli
salad with seasoning for toppings
and tiny cooked crawfish (these did not go to waist, our pet turtles enjoyed them greatly!)

Roadblock's culinary skills are only outdone by his manner and ability to turn a phrase.

He is a member of GI JOE, but also a card carrying member of PETA (people eating tasty animals).

This set all came about after I made a crazy chef dio and figure for my friend. I made him a pot just like the one shown, and liked it so much I made myself one too.

The pot will boil water over a heat source, and it's creation spawned the idea of a set with food and fixings. The crawfish were being caught out of a ditch that borders our property for observation and entertainment. We put about 25 live ones in with our turtles/gold fish and we had no idea it was going to be a feeding frenzy!

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