a broken fish tank dio piece skulls and grave

many toy bones and cheap Halloween skeletons

some wood with bark and some sculpting with air dry clay

the back frame is an office paper tray and the bottem piece is built on a piece of tile.

the two pieces are not attached.

This one is near and dear to me. Firstly, I'd like to thank J_Man for making me some great prints of the "otherworlds" package interior. It would of been very expensive to try and buy the actual box and he really went over and above. thanks!

When I was little I got one of the bendy type figure sets by Arco. My grandfather saw the discarded box art and said not to throw it out. He made me a shadow box out of old wood and put the otherworlds artwork inside. I have many memories of that art as the backdrop to my figures,

This is my modern fantasy back drop. As you can see I can change the image out at will. So many options out there. Pictured also is a Giger print.

I also made our only granddaughter a shadow box. Very much like my simple childhood version, but pink.

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