More like Parts Not Used?

The main construction is styrofoam, from a package insert. Walls from recycled medicine boxes. Diamond floor plates are model railroad pieces, and floor grating is from hobby needlework grids.

Seating is from The Voice holiday ornaments modified. Other random bits throughout.

The Talon is the spaceship captained by the... ahem... "star" of Joe's Cantina, Percy Ajax. It's where much of Season 2 will take place, as the crew takes to the skies in search of answering the question - who (did or didn't) kill kilcarr?

In some respects, the set can also fit into my regular Joe-verse, as my character Knighthawk is a former Joe, who himself had a hovering airship, also named the Talon. It's likely I could use this as one and the same, if the need were to arise.

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