Junk Gi Joe rolling thunder missing many parts. Custom cast interior pieces, foam board, Spanish moss & lichen plants.

During the Battle of Cobra Island Joe forces had successfully infiltrated the shore with a few key vehicles & a small force of highly trained troops. The Joe forces were lucky enough to get a Rolling Thunder into the jungle for a forward assault on the Terror Drome. Unfortunately for them, a squad of vipers had already pinpointed their location. A heavy fire fight ensued and a well placed RPG took out a rear drive wheel immobilizing the Rolling thunder. The Joes, unable to move decided to take their chances and fire off the two cluster rockets towards the Drome. The rockets successfully launched, the Joes abandoned the Rolling Thunder and made it back safely to the LZ. Now this derelict still sits in the jungle of Cobra Island, frequently getting passed by routine security patrols of bats.

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