large shoebox
laptop shipping material ramps
sand paper
construction paper
lots of ad cut outs and stickers
cupcake checker flags
checkered duct tape
trophy is a brass *ss I made for cc prizes

riders also submitted under figures.
various helmets w/storm trooper bodies

bikes are mostly repaints

This was made for both a Custom Celebration shoebox dio challenge and an entry into the PHX Retro Toybox custom contest. I was very proud to win the contest with this set.

A ton of work went into this dio. It all folds into and on top of a shoebox for storage. All the ramps and track pieces are independent an can be swapped around or omitted.

Excite Bike was a favorite game of mine. I spent so much of my childhood on a Nintendo Entertainment System. It's one of those games that now looks so bad w/ all the two dimensional graphics and 8bit pixels. I really had too much fun posing and staging this set!

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