Base set, flag tower and attachments, missile launcher base, tools and tool box, case, red crystals, tripod, snowmobile - Playmobil Arctic Expedition Headquarters
Missile launcher interior and missile - Polar Sharc Submarine
Machine gun, ammo case - Machine Gun Defence Unit
Ammo belt, "fear wave" transmitter - Lanard The Corps!

This is my first attempt at a custom playset. The base is a Playmobil arctic base, which has a really cool translucent dome covering a research facility. Cobra being what they are, their bases need to be out of the way where they can do their evil bidding with minimal interference from those meddling Joes. I used most of the parts of the original base, plus some paint and some Cobra stickers, and then added some additional accessories to make it more of a military set.

I took the .50 calibre machine gun from the Machine Gun Defence Unit and attached it to the tripod that came with the set, and fed an ammo belt from it to a case on the ground to give the Cobras more defensive capability. A spare ammo case fits in the hidden floor compartment near the missile launcher. The missile launcher itself is a harpoon launcher in the original set, but I took the missile launcher from a Polar Sharc Submarine and fit it into the harpoon launcher casing. I took an old Corps accessory I had laying around (I think it's supposed to be a searchlight maybe) and used it as a "fear wave" transmitter, tying the whole thing into issue #2 of the Marvel GI Joe comic (and the later storyline with the Terror Dromes).

To go along with the set, I did upgrades of existing Cobra snow troopers (both versions of the Snow Serpent, and the Ice-Viper), as well as two new custom troopers. Only one would have likely come with the set if it were released as a toy, but possibly two, so we could say both the Snow Comm and the Snow Tech would come with the set.

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