Base is an old shelf
Back wall a discarded sneaker dryer rack
Side wall black cardboard
2 rear tables are from Diowarriors
Large side table is custom made
Microscope is from Diowarriors
Heart and Brain are from Angel Forge
Bowls for Heart and Brain are cut from a gum packet
Vials, tubes and flasks are mixed from Diowarriros & Zanzas Toys
Pictures, folders, diskettes are custom made by Capt OG ReadMo on the Hisstank forum
Stretcher from World Peacekeepers
Plastic garbage bag custom made.
Grey trash can old Playdoh can
Various Playmobil odd and ends
Desk chair from Vortious Customs
Camera is I think from an old Animal Planet set
Zombie is from an Amazon walking dead set.

Locker Toys has announced that they are currently in the process of shipping the Zombie Lab figures to the backers. In honor of this occasion I present Dr. Banners Laboratory. Now I dont know how the Zombie virus started but I do know that this Laboratory is a mess and if Dr. Banner is not careful he himself will find himself infected. There are photos on his desk of subjects and a spilled vial on the floor and I dont think its sanitary keeping animals in this environment either. It will be a miracle if the virus doesn't spread further. Enjoy!

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