Found Graphics
Magazine-sized Backer Board
2x Full Sheet Stickers
Card Bio compiled by Goggles' Recollection, DeClass Certificate, and WIP photos.

When I decided to take my finished figure to the GI Joe Convention in Chattanooga in 2018, I felt I needed to explain what I was showing, as the custom itself isn't really representative of my abilities. The custom was designed to look like a hastily-made presentation figure. I thought I would follow that with a hastily (looking) presentation figure card, the kind that would eventually become the iconic Joe packaging. I used elements of the actual card, along with Rudat's Grunt design for the front of the card, and the story of the figure and Jim Toatley on the back. In place of 'other figures,' I used WIP photos of the custom build in the boxes.

Two of these card backs were created, one to display the front, the other to display the back. My printer ran out of ink on the second card (which I felt lent itself to the 'hastily' idea) and it was still used in the convention entry.

I wound up gifting the 'good' card to Larry Hama, and had the lesser card autographed by Larry and Darryl DePriest. Kirk was already gone. This card is the one I put a card bubble on, put the figure in, and have in a Display Case in my collection.

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