ceramic skull liberated from yard art.
playmobile pirate cave
wooden base w/white glue texture
plastic wooden wheel
expanding spray foam
hot glue
screws, nails, chain, metal hook

wooden dowel, wooden blocks
spawn skulls
plastic door and structure bits

dollar tree plants
wooden scrap

Halloween display skulls
IJ snakes

This dio came about when I got the idea to make a phantom custom for the boss fight figure contest. I had a few days before my figure came in so I looked around for how I would photo it. I saw the skull cave in my search for reference images and remembered the ceramic skull out in my wife's flower/junk/art.

At first I just painted the skull to look like stone. then I realized the skull was set high in most pics with an entrance under it. I had the playmobile pirate cave in my never use pile. The skull on it was way too cartoonish for this project.

I got the idea to cut out the cartoon skull and insert the ceramic piece. That was a challenge and it made the whole structure very top heavy. Only then did I mount it to a large piece of wood.

I couldn't be more happy with this project. I love it and I hope to use it on other projects that require a throne or cave back ground. There are tons of little details, more than I can remember. A whole lot of paint, then wash, and dry brushing.

For my phantom bloodline story the phantom is gone, and the cave left empty. Until a new hero stumbles upon his legacy and destiny! So a new gray ghost enters my joe verse, and this is his lair.

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