kong island radio hut w/extra roof piece
shed side:
rubber tire
fortnite boombox
plastic cigarette machine plaque
zip tie hinges
several plastic and rubber chainsaws modified, painted
coat hanger
jump rings and chain
large flashlight for electric chainsaw base
quin bear trap
bloody pitchfork, shovel, and rag

kill room side:
Frankenstein table/wall piece
small eye hooks and brass nails
push pins
metal wire
primer can floor pan
playmobile bucket
missile crate
streetfighter cast iron skillet
plastic tools from many lines. fashioned, altered, or just painted.
too many body parts, cut, altered, painted

hanging post on end
pallet wood strips w/steel eye hook, chain, and large jump rings
huge silver plated pins for meat hooks

This year for a Halloween custom i made Leatherface. i really didn't intend to make a dio for him, usually I just take pics of my horror figures in front of my spooky house.

Yet after seeing the insurance commercial were the scared victims decide to hide behind of a bunch of chainsaws hanging in a shed a dozen or so times it hit me! I had all these terribly too big and cartoonish saws and the Kong Island shed.

It turned out the all fit and hang nicely, but they took up all the space in the shallow shed. I then got the idea to make the frame of the shed to "swing" out into an "L" shape. That gave me a bunch of room. Then I said hey there is a whole back side i can ugly up and add the Frankenstein table. The hanging post followed.
Add the moveable second roof piece and featuring one of my stand alone dio shelf pieces it turned out to have 4 sides of horror bliss.

I really enjoyed this one, and went all out with the blood and guts. I also made more small prop items than ever before. I'll be using it again for sure!
EWE ...."

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