large hinged shoebox
lots of construction paper for:
covering inside
road lines
pixel effects
crash effect

file folder to make easy flip up/down background
w/ wire , push pin, and duct tape

checker tape
spray paint

coffee stirrers w/kibble bases
road sign stickers
printed labels
printed color screen shots
orange cones
gray barrier w/litebrite peg and kibble

When CCXII got rolling it was announced that video games was the theme. I racked my brain, and it was difficult since I have done at least 2 video game theme dios for past CC's. Looking around in my parts stash I found some crotch rocket style bikes, and instantly thought about road rash. I played the Sega version of Road Rash or maybe V2 until the moving background went blurry as a kid. Hours and hours of the intro to "Rusty Cage" and a 2 liter of Mt Dew piloting a seemingly stationary bike dodging all kinds of hazards.

For the dio I wanted the perspective of the game, straight ahead. I also wanted specific key game scenes I remembered. At first I thought it would be like 2 player split screen, but that would be too small and require 2 roads. When a coworker printed out the game shots for me, she handed them to me in a blue file folder.

Instantly a light bulb popped above my head, as I leafed through the shots! I used that very folder to mount my different backgrounds. The folder is "sewn" into the box with wire and duct tape over that. So the folder has backgrounds and roads on the front/back. The specific "page" is held by a simple push pin. It made for some really game accurate shots and I was able to move accessories in and out as needed. I covered the entire inside with some "pixel" type pieces and road. In the end I hope I did the game justice!

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