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TREE HUGGER rubber spider with skylander and other random bits.

GIANT PREDALIEN NYMPH micromachine? SW beast and reaction alien tail.

SLITHER PARASITE mib stalk eyes and toob prehistoric sea creature.

SNAILIENS pokemon toy head seahorse body and imaginext alien tail

TREE HUGGER- arboris conplecto. pulled from deep inside the code of xenomorph dna. it appears to be a lifecycle for an ecosystem totally void of fauna. surviving off the energy collected in the sweet nectars and sap from within certain plant species. along with some photosynthesis ability of it's own. this little guy is a treehugger.

GIANT PREDALIEN NYMPH- gigantus predalis. Lab grown nymp from the hybrid alien with predator DNA. this specimen must be eradicated before it reaches it's next life cycle. If it is not there is potential it will become a devour of worlds.

SLITHER PARASITE - inlabor viscera parasitus. This appears to be a paracitic alien in it's final life stage. It was recovered exiting the carcass of it's host, a. enormous deep sea bug (arthtropoda gigantis). I believe it is fully gravid and looking for a host rich enviroment to lay eggs.

SNAILIENS- toxicus cochlealiena. they are giant venomous spined invertebrates who are toxic if ingested to most lifeforms. that alone makes them worthy of study in my lab, but they also have a unique defense against predators before only seen on the now lost planet earth. much like the eye spots on insect and aquaria catalogued from earth they have evolved with a pattern to mimic the xenomorph. in the dark void of space it is effective extreme caution should be taken with these scavengers.

In the dark vastness of space there are nightmares that are flesh and bone. In my travels i have collected many specimens of alien creatures. I primarily study Xeno biology and archaeology that focuses on the various xenomorph species. I also study other alien predatory and parasitic life forms. My research goes to the highest bidder. I have provided cobra and the collective governments with pieces of my findings, but the only complete record is here with me.

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