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Magazine-Size Backer Board
Full Sheet Stickers
2 Different Size Figure Cases
Generic Action Figure Case
Stick-em Adhesive Dots
Custom figures by drbindy

This project was a commission for beav (he asked for it, I don't think he ever expected to get it) that drbindy and I decided to take on as Thank You for a bunch of behind-the-scenes site work. Beav put out the iconic photo and asked to have it re-created in Modern Joe form. I took that photo idea and decided THAT should be the card back design behind the figures when on-card. I couldn't decide on a rear card design - should it be the photos + quotes or the full image of the Glacier Point area where the original photo was taken? I sent both, but the Glacier Point @ Yosemite was my favorite. I searched the internet until I found basically the same shot, from the same angle, only a modern photo. That became the 'official' card back er, back. I then printed a second card in case beav wanted to display the figures out of the figure bubbles/case.

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