Modular Indoor Set:
Cardboard box: PTE building playset
Scotch tape
Walls: Construction paper
Door: Poster board cutout
Flooring: Doll house kitchen
3rd wall: Robo-Rally game insert

Tables, gum and candy: Eversparkle and PTE
Wallboard and folding chairs: PTE
Electronics gear: BBI (knockoff)
Console: TTBP
Karaoke boxes: Lil Bratz
Laptops: PTE and JvC

AUTODIN/DMS station:
Screen and keyboard: Dollar store Supastarz knockoff
CPU: Eversparkle motorcycle garage set battery charger
Printer: Ryan's Room
Phone: ST (Hacker?)
Clipboard: Sculpey, construction paper and glue

I finally came up with another location for the MIS (Modular indoor set) that I felt worthy to archive. :)

The modular indoor set is my way to conserve space for dios. For interactions taking place within one room, the set can quickly switch walls and floors without damage to the cardboard frame or the walls themselves.

"Anchor squares" of scotch tape are at the corners of the walls and floor, with corresponding squares put on the back of the particular pieces to use, then a loop of scotch tape holds the wall to the frame. As tape peels away from the anchor tapes without tearing, the walls can be swapped and reused ad nauseum.

For the Joes' PIT commo room, I chose dollhouse flooring. I worked on a computer floor for my time in the Air Force, which was raised a couple feet to house the mainframes' antique water cooling system. I figured that the Joes might do something similar for their tech floor, whether or not they are stuck with decades-old equipment. The dollhouse tile really brings that image across.

I vaguely remember the Autovon and other switchboards I trained on back in '92. So, I kept everything pretty spare for this room as compared to the PIT Sweeper room. I did place in something from my Air Force days: the Autodin receiver (a PC). Now replaced by DMS among other things, and itself a replacement of the teletype (which I also trained on!), the message system was a way to keep unit commanders informed of situations of importance throughout the military. (Yeah, I'm being vague and simple here.)

For the Joes, and my dioverse in particular, I use the Autodin/DMS system as a way for Beach Head to select training or 'skills refresher' missions for the Joes and Cadets. So, it was important to me to add this in the room.

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