1/4" oak plywood scraps, MDF board, Hot glue, Spray Paint.

I have never built anything before, so I am fairly pleased with the way this turned out. I wanted to buy my son an '83 HQ, but thought they were too expensive. By the time we put this together I could have bought one

The base is a piece of MDF shelving that I found in the garbage, it is 27" x 19". The walls are 1/4" oak plywood that I was left when they redid the cupboards in my old house. Most of the furnishings are from Marauder, though the shop equipment came from ebay and I made the shelving in the armory. Stickers came from Rick McMasters, and the caution signs I printed from the OSHA website. The CC and Destro wanted posters I made from an online sign generator and the map is scan from the Marvel comics.

The top with the searchlights and antenna is removable, and as you can see from the pics, so are the corner defense platforms. Also the jail door will open and close.

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