All Foamboard construction, utilizing scrapbook papers adhered to the board via adhesive spray. Windows were cut from discarded action figure blisters.

Plastic canvas, as well as discarded toy twist ties, were used to make the electronics. Pill blisters made the guages, and the pipes were painted craft dowels.

The Stargate varies from film to television show, and I decided to make the symbols raised as they are in the film.

The Event Horizon in the center is actually a dual removable centerpiece, with the fluid gate on one side, and the Defense IRIS on the other.

I used special edition trading cards as the images for the Command Center screens, as well as some personal touches from various craft and sticker sources.

The gate ramp lights, as well as the room lights, are actually photo-reactive paper. It glows in "black light", as well as some charging in sunlight.

Stargate Command is the center of operations for the unearthed relic from the Giza plateau that possessed an age far greater than the surrounding structures themselves. In a joint effort with scientists and the military, it was discovered that when an immense power source was attached to this structure, it began to move and the symbols were locked into a pattern.

Great effort and imagination were utilized to create the first working model, and it was Dr. Daniel Jackson, who provided not only the name of the device, which is now known as a "Stargate", but he also discovered the final sequence of what we now know are constellation glyphs.

Overseen from the briefing room and Operations Control, the Stargate provided the newly formed "Stargate Command" with a wealth of experiences and discovery. Sadly, as with all exploration, there were dangers encountered as we now
have encountered many adversaries, the Goa
uld, a parasitic species that enslaves their hosts as well as their homeworlds. The Wraith, a species that feeds off the very lifeforce of all living creatures. The Replicators, a very dangerous biomechanoid nanite that consumes and replaces, adding the host to their collective. Lastly, the Ori, a zealous group of transformed beings who shall destroy all who they cannot convert to serve.

What lies ahead can only be countered by the hope and strength of the various individuals and teams, from our own planet and various others, who stand to free all beings from annihilation.

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