-- Starwars Battle Arena Playset Painted White
-- Crimson Baroness With Cape For Pythona

Cobra-La is a fictional civilization introduced to the public in G.I. Joe: The Movie in1987. I have always wanted to created such a playset after the watching the movie and to my suprise it was very easy to create. This specific scene is when Cobra Commander is being judged for his failures by Globulus and is betrayed by his team of villians. Look forward to feedback. Enjoy

Cobra-La is ruled by a half-serpent called Golobulus. The winged Nemesis Enforcer carries out the will of Golobulus and is a fearsome warrior. Pythona, is Golobulus' personal messenger and assassin. She is rarely seen but known to be very deadly. There are also the Royal Guards that have the sole task of protecting Golobulus.

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