Plywood, paper, dowels, shelf liner, contact paper, and a crapload of glue.

As a sophomore effort, I and my son decided that the Dreadnoks need a place to hang out. So back to the scrap pile I went. I printed textures on card stock and laminated with contact paper for the plaster, siding, flooring, shingles, chimney, and porch. I used a thread spool, and added a texture I found of spool ends for the wire spool table. I used a Dr. Pepper can for the fuel tank, and covered a candy cigarette box to make the fireplace. Crates and Soda machine, magazines, and some posters courtesy of the file depository here, and the tv, pizza boxes and cash came from Gators and Rocks from the dollar store (big one is Schleich - cost a ton, bought it before my dollar store find). Vehicle is a Corps Humvee. I made the generator from specs I found online and a piece of 2x4.

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