- Insulation foam from Home Depot was the primary material
- Foamcore for some of the wall joins, door frames, monitor screens, Octagon platform
- Star Wars lightsaber for the platform support, surrounded by Oatmeal container
- Wooden square dowels for all catwalks
- Knitting square for the mesh platforms
- Terror Drome computers
- Tactical Battle Platform computer
- Misc Star Wars radar dishes
- G.I. Joe Bomb Disposal vehicles
- Cobra T-Shirts cut for the flags

As the G.I. Joe team surges deep into the Cobra Amazon temple, they realize there is much more to this base than meets the eye! Deep down within the temple fortress lies a Cobra Command Compound, prepared to launch Cobra's most insidious plot ever... will the G.I. Joe team arrive in time?

Find out this year at GeneralsJoes.com with the latest installment in his Dio-Story universe - Darkness Falls!

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