Everytihg: '91 Badger with Battle Corps missile launchers added

The Mega Marines are a self-contained inter-dimensional expeditionary force, who operate completely cut off from the main Joe team. The Division is broken up into different units including two field teams, and a support team. The Badger is part of the support team, and is sent out with a field team to provide support.

The Badger is a small lightly armored and heavily armed all-terrain vehicle. It can quickly maneuver over nearly all terrain and deliver a volley of firepower, and then vanish just as quickly.
The Badger is also used for mechanized recon, able to travel a greater distance faster than a field team on foot.

This custom was made from a spare badger I had. The top missile launcher had been broken off, so I added one of the BC missile launchers, but glued a gun barrel to the end of it making it a machine gun instead. I added a second Battle Corps missile launcher to the side.

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