Chassis: Road Rebel
Guns/Base: Venom Striker (modified) w/Road Rebel base disc

Based on the Road Rebel chassis, the Badger is an attempt to improve on what was considered an otherwise unwieldy and fairly useless vehicle: the Rebel with its massive gun, was prone to tipping on tight corners and the recoil from the massive cannon promoted rapid wear on the brakes and transmission. Maintenance alone took more Rebels out of action than enemy fire ever did.

Enter the Badger. Utilizing a four barrel, electro-magnetic rail gun, the Badger is useful against infantry, light armor and air targets. It produces no recoil and is very light; with a range of up to two miles and the ability to shoot projectiles at near-light speed it is almost impossible to avoid. The magnetic slugs it fires pose no radiation or explosion hazard to crews and are light enough that a full cartridge of six can be handled by the operator and loaded in less than one minute.

The Badger sports four mag-coil barrels, which can be fired in any combination or independently; each barrel is fed by a rotary cartridge containing 6 slugs each. Targeting is achieved via joystick and view screen inside the cockpit, though a head-mounted system similar to the TADS gun sight used in attack helicopters is being worked on. Top speed is 50MPH with a range of up to 200 miles and the armor plating can withstand most small arms fire. Additionally weapons ports on the side can be fitted with a variety of anti-armor/anti-infantry weapons still currently in development.

Design notes:

Very basic stuff here; I painted up a few details on the chassis, then used Dullcote and dry-brushing to give it a worn look. The turret I stripped of the back steps, sanded and puttied the areas damaged by removing said steps, glued it onto the base of a Road Rebel gun, then did my best to match the paint/camo scheme of the body. The turret actually turns, but you have to take care doing it or it'll snap off. All in all she came out pretty nice, I think. :-)

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