Motivation: Wanted to have the Oktober Guard
Based on: Marvel G.I. JOE Comics Series #'s 101-105
Parts Used:
Main Frame: Bridgelayer "Toss n Cross"
Sandbags: Mortar Defense
Tow Cable: Wolverine?
Antenna: Transportable Tactical Battle Platform
Mine Detector: Bridgelayer Toss n Cross
Troop Compartment: Desert Fox
Gatling Gun: Pac Rat Flamethrower, Thunder Machine Gun Barrel, Misc. Ammo Belt, Machine Gun Defense Ammo Can, Misc Pieces for Mount
Machine Gun: Stalker V.2 machine Gun, Scrap Iron Pistol
Land Mines: Two Pac Rat Flame Throwers

BMP-4 B (Badger)
Infantry Fighting Vehicle (I.F.V.)
Primary Operator: Bull
Qualified Assistant Operators: Stormavik, Misha, Dragonski, Shrage, and Horrorshow
Crew: 2 Range: 500 Top Speed: 110km/h
Armament: DShK-EG Electronic Gatling Gun 12.7 mm
PK 7.62mm Heavy Machine Gun _________________________________________

The Badger is a light infantry-fighting vehicle built on the BMP-1 chassis that has been specialized for the Oktober Guard. This lightweight tank is used by the Oktober Guard to quickly deliver a strike force into a firefight and to provide them with cover them they move into position. The Badger is also capable of destroying most lightly armored vehicles and can be used as an Anti-Aircraft platform. Bull is the best A.I.F.V. operator the Soviet Union has to offer and now he has arguably the best A.I.F.V. in the world.
1.) DShK-EG Gatling Gun 12.7mm
2.) PK 7.62mm Machine Gun
3.) 2 Anti-tank Mines 4.) "Quick scan" mine detector
5.) T-55 V-2-55 v-12 580 hp Water-cooled Diesel Powerplant
6.) Long Range UF Antenna

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