Top: Slaughter Marauders Equalizer
Main Guns: Whirlwind
Front Guns: SpyTroops Desert Buggy(came with Clutch)
Small Side Guns: Cobra Rat
Bottom: 21st Century Toys RC Panzer Tank

The Black Dragon Roar is light armour assault tank. It was made using plans stolen from the U.S. Military and M.A.R.S. The Black Dragon calls it the "Roar" because of the sound it emits when all of the cannons are fired. It is an intimitading sound and is just as effective as the damage and destruction it causes.

This was supposed to be my entry in this years Convention contest "Wheels for Joe" But when I got to New Orleans, I discovered to my dismay, I left the remote for it at home! So here it is. I also made a special tank crew for the Roar. Hope you like it! Any comments please let me know!

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