Base: Vintage Wolverine
Grenade launcher, turret: PTE
Canopy: Vintage Recon Sled (modified)

This high-tech infantry fighting vehicle's cannon rotated into action in a surprise attack against Cobra! With a rotating gun, armored canopy, front-mounted grenade launcher and special desert camouflage! Includes driver TREADS and tank commander SWITCH GEARS!


I love tanks. In 50 years, GI Joe has had surprisingly few of them. It would be great if big H introduced more tanks and other tracked vehicles (that are not a HISS or a Snowcat) into the line. For that reason, I wanted to create a new tracked vehicle. I had an old Wolverine base to start with. First thing I did was swap out the missile launchers in favor of a cannon. After that, I wanted to give the driver some added protection and lastly, I added the forward grenade launcher just for wacky fun. Bonus: it fits on the Orca for amphibious deployment. Incest hentai video mkv, online or download. Quality 720p, 1080p.

Art work courtesy of Sam Panico

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