I built this from the GI JOE APC and the Bridge Layer. I also used a Battle Force 2000 light bar, TTT cannon and some styrene plastic.

Negotiating the many water ways of Cobra Island can be a big problem for Cobra. Back in 1985 during a raid on a GI JOE compound in the Swiss Alps Cobra came across two dozens unfinished APCs. Eventually they were shipped off to Cobra Island and repurposed into bridge layers. The main difference with the Wedge is it has to back up to deploy the bridge. The advantage is it can pick the bridge back up without turning around.
I always loved the Bridge Layer as a kid it was one of my favorites. I had always wanted to build one for Cobra and one day a saw a Swedish Bridge Layer truck and knew what I had to build. I extended the back of the cab to fill in the gap left between the bridge and cab. Then I added some plastic bars to look like structure that could support the bridge. I also added pieces on the side that hold the bridge straight when it's folded down.

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